Windows ME edition scan disc error

I deleted some temp Internet files and did a maintenance wizard after. When it came to the scan disc it said I had errors and couldn’t finish. Do I have a virus or did I just screw everything up? How do I fix this or find my problem. Also I tried to do a system restore and get the same problem.


  1. Sly_Old_Mole

    I have used many OS – Win 95, Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista & the worst was ME, even Microsoft could not get ME to run right, It must be an old PC you have, all I can say is you would be better off running Win 98 or Win 2000.
    Sorry I cannot help more.

  2. sinatra11

    Yes, Windows ME is the worst OS Microsoft ever made. One more thing possible for the error is defective hard disc. Are you hearing any “click” noise in your hard disc?

    If you thing all hardware is OK, then I suggest use Win98 or Windows 2000 if your computer can meet the requirements.

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