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I downloaded a player from a web site that is required to view FLV files. I installed it on the system thinking that it was legitimate. However, I still can’t play my files. Aside from being fooled, the installer program seems to have a virus with it. My browser is not overtaken with TopArcadeHits. It is all over my Firefox and Google Chrome. TopArcadeHits extension is somehow hard to remove.

Previously, when Firefox got infected with malicious thing, I can easily fix it by going to Troubleshooting, then Reset. This process is not applicable with TopArcadeHits extension. I even cleared all cache and cookies but it doesn’t help me solve the problem.

Last thing I did was to uninstall Firefox completely then reinstall it afterwards. That would have partly resolved the problem. TopArcadeHits extension is already disabled but not totally gone. How can I permanently delete it from this browser?

In Google Chrome, I have bigger issue. I cannot disable or delete TopArcadeHits extension no matter what I did. Uninstalling the browser didn’t help at all. Please help me.


  1. John_Felipe

    Just follow the instruction below to remove Toparcadehits from the browser. After removing programs, add-ons, and extensions, scanning the computer with anti-adware program is highly advised.

    Uninstall TopArcadeHits from Microsoft Windows
    1. Open Windows Control Panel.
    2. Choose Programs (Uninstall a Program).
    3. It will open a list of installed programs, find TopArcadeHits or any related term and click on ‘Uninstall’.

    How to remove TopArcadeHits on Internet Explorer
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. On top menu, go to Tools > Manage Add-ons.
    3. On right panel look for TopArcadeHits entry and click on Disable button to stop the service.
    4. You may now restart Internet Explorer.

    How to Uninstall TopArcadeHits in Google Chrome
    1. Open Google Chrome Internet browser.
    2. Click on Settings (three horizontal bars icon or wrench icon for old versions) or ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ button located on top right corner of the browser.
    3. Click on Tools > Extensions from the drop-down list.
    4. You can see TopArcadeHits from the list of installed extensions; remove it by clicking on the ‘Trash’ icon.
    5. Please restart Google Chrome.

    How to Remove TopArcadeHits in Mozilla Firefox
    1. Open Mozilla Firefox Internet browser.
    2. On top menu, go to Tools > Add-ons.
    3. Remove TopArcadeHits from the list of installed add-ons.
    4. Restart Mozilla Firefox.

  2. Alex

    Got bad news for you… in Firefox there IS NO WAY to remove the TopArcadeHits add on the way you describe. You can disable it, but not remove it. Sorry.

  3. Mark Smith

    There are some files in the AppData folder that need to be removed. See

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