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Hi, I hope someone here can help me solve my computer problem. Each time I browse the web and load a page with image in it, an advertisement banner from shows at the bottom of each picture. I already run a virus scan on my computer and it detected nothing. To be sure, I also run anti-adware program, but also found zero presence of malware and adware.

To be safe, I did system restore back few weeks from now but it does not help either. I just notice this Image Ads from ads today so I am certain that system restore might resolve the issue. However, it failed me.

If there are any visitors here who have bump on the same problem, kindly advise me on your procedure in getting rid of image advertisements from It is uncomfortable and makes the browsing a bit slow.

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  1. reydar

    Ads coming from are part of an add-on of your Internet browser. It is not an element of your visited web site. You are seeing the image Ad banners because the add-on or plug-in on your browser serves it, overlaying images on the web page.

    Therefore, the only solution to your dilemma is to remove the offending program. Open your Internet browser and remove add-on/plug-ins like Fast Save, Click2Save, Saveas, or Quick Save. After deleting those extensions, clear the cache of your browser and delete all temp files. Hope this helps.

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