Remove BCU virus

I am rushing to finish my work when suddenly BCU virus starts to appear. This intruder terribly affects the speed of my PC. Sometimes it crashes without saving my work. I did some search on my Task Manager and found related processes such as BCU.EXE and BCUSERVICE.EXE. Both shows eating a lot of my memory and for that I know it is up to something.

When I searched the web about this BCU virus, most pages points that it is not a virus rather a program called Browser Configuration Utility, an Auto-Recovery Service for web browser. Even though they called it a friendly program, it is still a pain for my computer. Ending the process on task manager did not help either.

Can anybody give me clear explanation about BCU and what are the effects it can do to my computer? I wish my antivirus program can catch it, but it took over my computer without a warning.

Hope someone can clear this up and provide a better solution to remove the BCU virus.

Fred Andis