Packed.Generic. 200 and Heuristic Virus

I have been running Norton 360 on my computer for years and I currently have the 3.0!
Somehow……my computer is now coming up with Packed.Generic.200 and Heuristic Virus in the computer scan log!!!! They can’t be fixed by Norton!!
Definitions are updated every day and a comprehensive scan is done every day!
How in the world could this happen and how do I get rid of it??
I have Windows XP by the way. :)
I appreciate all the help I can get from you all!!
I look forward to responses, please!



  1. waseem

    use Avira antivirus 2009 hope it will work. you can try its trail version for 30 days. i hope it will work but one thing, don’t forget to remove ur older antivirus as well.

  2. waseem

    well cindie i ve another solution for you here is how:
    visit it and find ur solution

  3. WonGun

    Please download Avast’s anti-virus application and disconnect from the web before running a full scan. You may also wish to disable “system restore” while running the scan.

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