My Desktop is back, start up menu or icons no where to be found. I can’t even right click to go to properties.

I don’t know if it’s a virus but I can’t do anything on my desktop. All the icons seem to have disappeared. I can only find them through Ctrl +ALT+ Delete, then file, then new task and then browse. That’s the only way I can connect to Mozilla to go to the Internet. I tried the desktop icon recover thing from there but it didn’t work, I even did it twice! I can’t type explorer in the run tab. It says it can’t find it.

Are there any free tools to recover all my missing start menu icons and shortcuts? I need to fix this as soon as possible. I need to work on my computer. Please help me!
-Thank you.


  1. Michael

    You can try a system restore. Get there through msconfig (type it in from a task window or run command). Find the RESTORE button and choose a bold date from the calendar that comes up (you may have to look carefully, but there should be a couple of dates that are slightly heavier type than the others). If you choose a date that doesn’t have a restore point in it, nothing happens and you will think (like I did) that the restore feature isn’t working. Keep clicking dates until you get one that works. Make sure it is before you began having the problem.

  2. sean

    well the Trojans name is Trojan.Patch ep!inf and a bad luck is i’ve already downloaded malwarebytes & free superantispyware and tried them, but my desktop is still blank. Norton anti-virus was the one that found the Trojan but, now nothing is detecting it. but my screen is still blank.
    and system restore doesn’t work because Norton told me to disable it in hope to get rid of the Trojan, (that failed) now all my restore points are lost. :(

  3. sean

    just too add thanks for your response guys
    i really appreciate it

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