How to uninstall Regclean Pro?

My little sister installed a program called Regclean Pro into our computer. I am trying to uninstall it but I cannot find the proper name inside Control Panel. There is a folder inside Program Files but it is empty. I wonder where the proper location of Regclean Pro files so that I can just delete it. I am not sure however if that will stop the program from appearing on my computer again.

The program wants to be registered before I can perform any functions. Regclean Pro states that it can make PC perform faster, but the way I see it, my computer is running so many processes and slower than before. I also noticed that the software scans the system in the background. In fact, it just pop-up an alert saying that I have thousands of registry errors. Again, Regclean Pro will not fix this issue unless you pay for the registered version. In short, this program is very comparable to any virus or rogue program.

Please help me remove Regclean Pro from the computer. I don’t want this program. It is useless and very annoying.


  1. JohnTy

    Remove RegClean Pro from Windows 8:
    You can take these steps below to remove the trial version of RegClean Pro from your Windows 8 system:

    1. Open the Control Panel. To do this, type Control Panel in the Search box and click on Control Panel option shown in left panel. Another method is to Press the Windows + X keys together on your keyboard. A small menu will open. Here, click on the Control Panel option.
    2. In the Control Panel window, click on Programs > Uninstall a program option.
    3. On the next page, select RegClean Pro and click on Uninstall button.
    4. If it opens a new window, click on the Uninstall button to remove RegClean Pro from your system.

    Uninstall RegClean Pro from Windows 7 and Windows Vista:
    For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, you may proceed with this steps to uninstall RegClean Pro.

    1. Click Start button on your taskbar and then, select Control Panel from the lists.
    2. Under Programs category, you will see various functions. Click on “Uninstall a program” under PROGRAMS function.
    3. On the next window, which says “Uninstall or change a program”, select RegClean Pro and click on Uninstall button on the upper part of the box.
    4. Please confirm the removal of RegClean Pro if it prompts you.

    Remove Procedure of RegClean Pro from Windows XP:
    Here is a simple guide to remove RegClean Pro from computers running under Windows XP.

    1. Click Start button on your taskbar and select Control Panel.
    2. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.
    3. In the new window that opens, select RegClean Pro and click the Remove button.
    4. In the new window that opens, click the Uninstall button.

  2. G.C.

    Rubbish it doesnt work as reg clean is not even on the list

  3. Bill Powers

    I did use control panel and selected RegPro to remove. However a box from RegPro kept telling me that RegPro was running and needed to be closed before uninstall could be done. I was not running the program at the time. How do I circumvent the ad from RegPro?

  4. pubhow

    Bill, Regclean Pro may be running once you start Windows. Here are two ways you can stop its running process.

    First step:
    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard. This command will open Task Manager. On Windows 7 computers, you need to click ‘Start Task Manager’ when the options are shown.
    2. On Windows Task Manager interface, find Regclean Pro from Applications tab and click ‘End Task’ to unload it. You may also look for Regclean Pro running process by selecting the ‘Processes’ tab. Find and End process of RegcleanPro.exe or similar name.

    Second step:
    1. Go to Windows ‘Start’ button and type msconfig under ‘Search programs and files’. For lower version of Windows, type msconfig on ‘Run’ dialog box.
    2. System Configuration window will appear. Click on ‘Startup’ tab.
    3. Look for startup item Regclean Pro or similar.
    4. Remove the check mark beside the item, and then click Apply. Click OK to finish.
    5. You need to restart Windows for the settings to take effect.

    After performing above’s steps, you may proceed with the uninstall procedure for Regclean Pro.

  5. John

    Thanks for the info. Got rid of it!

  6. mahendra patil

    When I have done uninstall it shows a message “file c:/Program files (86)/Regcleane Pro/unins000.msg” is missing please correct the problem or obtain a new copy of program so what should I do to uninstall this regclean pro? Please suggest.

  7. mary egan

    cant uninstall regcleanpro tried control panel it dosent work

  8. Mimi

    I got that same message. I deleted it from program files…. Haven’t restarted my pc yet but hope that works…

  9. Art

    went through the whole mess to find out the tech problems were regclean. What a come-on, and cost me to find out that info….You find a site that does’t supply u with a handy “un install”, stay away.

  10. S.Levy

    Thanks you people for the messages and information. I was about to install this program, but luckily I first read your comments… There should be some way to prohibit this kind of offer and sue whoever presents it.

  11. Sean O Dubhagain

    Click on START.
    Click on My Computer
    Right click on PARTITION
    Right click on PROGRAMME FILES
    In programme files find REGCLEAN Pro and delete in the normal way

  12. may

    this did not help me at all reg clean is still in my computer please help me ( thanks)

  13. esdon chenjerai

    it has now causing problems on computer, please help i nolonger want it

  14. benjoo

    pubhow RESPECT

    its working

  15. jim neilson

    I want to remove this from my computor

  16. Igeh AC

    Thanks a lot. I just downloaded thinking I needed it. Funny enough they have a SSL certificate on the site which is still active. But reading lots of reviews including those ahead has compelled me to delete it.
    I am lucky I didn’t make the mistake of installing it in my system.
    Thanks again to all of you for your contribution.

  17. Richardsix

    Téléchargez ”Revo uninstaller” et desinstallez. en respectant la procédure. Rien ne lui résiste

  18. Chris Mackers

    The above posts are fake. There is no real Uninstall for REG CLEAN PRO. It is a designed software made to be excessively troublesome to remove. You cannot simply uninstall it. You will have to seek out Hijackthis and remove it manually. The people above that are saying remove it with uninstall and replying saying “Thanks it worked” are paid entries by the Reg CLean pro company. This is to make it look like a normal software. It is a virus.

    Do not trust the above statements. They are lying to you to preserve the image of Reg CLean pro.

  19. Tim Klandon

    Chris is right. The above statements that say just Uninstall Reg Clean Pro are not real It takes a lot of work to remove these registry viruses.

    You might want to get a pc tech to remove it. Or do it manually.

    One day the legal system will track the benefactors down and serve them with the harassment and endangerment and privacy charges they deserve. The clock is ticking for the owners of these evil fake registry cleaners like Reg Clean Pro.
    Groups like Anonymous should take them out permanently for their greed and abuse.

  20. Mike Dressler

    Have called the 800 number got a person that was reading from a script. Had no sense of what i had done to remove this virus. The hostage ware will not uninstall thru normal means. person that i spoke to would not listen or could not understand English. Anonymous should take them out. Lots of love.

  21. Neil

    Try system restore. You will need to go into safe mode to do this.
    If you have no restore dates/times you will have to make one then install Reg clean pro again, then go back to safe mode find your restore entry and do the necessary guide.
    If you need more in depth instruction, just state back here and I will put a more thorough instruction options.

  22. steve mitchell

    desperately trying to get rid of reg clean pro, it IS NOT on my installed programs. It`s hidden somewhere and Ican`t remove it. Please HELP,with thanks

  23. Mpandana Mawethu

    RegClean Pro for my PC

  24. LyaBlack

    Thank you Richardsix!!! :D Your program worked so wonderfull, please install REVO UNINSTALLER, there is a free try, download and next choose the program and select Forced Uninstall, I chosed RegClean Pro.exe and just follow all the steps, when the message that “unins000.msg is missed” or “the file is corrupted…” please click now “Analyze” and a new window will apear with the residual registers, so choose all with “RegClean Pro” and delete all them. After this, the program dissapear :D and there’s no more problem!!!

  25. james Neilson

    regclean is the most anoying thing I’m trying to get rid of it

  26. Liz

    Chris is right. All the stupid ones who are giving the stupid advices ” go to star, panel control,…delete or remove” are imoral devils paid by Regclean Pro. Are people who are not capable of making money in honesty way. I have Windows XP and I have tried to remove and I get a error “C:\Program Files\Reg Clean Pro\unis000.msg” is missing.
    Any help?.

  27. Laura D the eliminator

    ok guys, i just so happened to be setting up parental controls due to some interfering programs that she denies installing. Anyway, set up a user acct. then go in and set up “parental controls”. This allows you the choice of only allowing this “user” access to “programs I allow”. This is where I saw all the “hiding” apps that are driving me up a wall.

    It also gives you the exact file name to find the issue in your computer.

    1. Go to Computer
    2. Search bar: RCPUninstaller.exe
    3. Left click on this file and “Open”
    4. Allow it to uninstall.

    found Gimp, Searchprotect, and old faithful RCPro. they are all yesterdays newssssssss yayayyyyyy!

    ps. Your Welcome:) I hope it does the trick

  28. Laura D the eliminator

    yall just dont click on the Get It Now button…lol

    get Microsoft security essentials too, scan files you arent sure about BEFORE you open them or else you may just find out it isn’t an uninstall file, but instead a can of poisonous snakes…ughhh

  29. Sunnybrook Flatt

    I got the RegClean Pro (trojan, virus, bad mojo, whatever!) on 7/13/2014. I have Windows Vista on my computer. I thank Sean O Dauhagain and Laura D the eliminator, because by combining both of their information and techniques, RegClean Pro has been successfully cleansed and deleted from my computer!!!!!

    Parent controls does indeed show you the 5 files of the RegClean Pro program:
    – RegClean Pro.exe
    – RCPUninstall.exe
    – Clean Schedule.exe
    – systweakasp.exe

    I could block the program there, but not uninstall it. To uninstall go to Computer, select Local Disk (C:), click on Program Files from the list. When Program Files opens, scroll down to RegClean Pro and select it. Under File, click Delete, and there you go!

  30. sheldonkolter

    I hate the internet.. just saying, I tried the Revo uninstaller and it totally worse than before, hoping a factory reset will save my laptop but this desktop is hopeless I’m thinking..

  31. leium, you can thank me later

    Ctrl+Shift+esc, end RegClean process. Look up Regclean filelocation. Delete everything.

  32. LarryL

    I simply called the phone number visible on the software po-up; told the technician I wanted help removing it from my computer; and they did that promptly, efficiently, and politely.

  33. sonia

    They are under the disguise of another program. In my case, several other programs, Advance system, and some other I cannot recall. I had to lookat the dates of instillation to figure out what they did. Regclean Pro, is just a dummy program, an empty shell. I believed I finally got rid of it.

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