How to Remove Virus Fake MS Alerts

Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert

I have this on my computer. It says on your site to do a control alt delete, followed by further instructions for removal. It will not let me do a control alt delete. I cannot find the two exe files mentioned here on my computer either, to delete. We are unable to download anything, use the Internet or open any problems. Please help me figure out how to remove this, I work at home typing and have work due Monday morning. thank you.


  1. Lisa

    it is cycling in safemode now, getting worse, thanks for any help

  2. peterpablo

    If that is the case, I’ll advise you to use the Kaspersky Bootable scanner. But you have to download it from another clean computer and write it to your USB device. Then boot the infected computer using the created Kaspersky Bootable. More procedures here:

  3. Lokendra singh

    Mera phone mai virus ki folder hai woh delete nahi hota i request essue antivirus

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