How to remove SearchYa toolbar virus and homepage

Hello. Please tell me how to remove SearchYa virus from my computer. This thing has taken over my homepage. It is now set as my default search engine. I can’t remember installing this kind of program. In addition, the SearchYa toolbar is now on my browser including ads and shortcut buttons for unwanted web services.

In the beginning, I thought it was only Internet Explorer that is affected by SearchYa. Until recently, I used Google Chrome. I found the virus opens up on a new tab of Chrome. I want this thing out of my browser. It is not welcome on my computer. I just don’t know how it get there. Please help me remove SearchYa toolbar and bring my homepage back to normal.


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  1. claude

    Jayson, please take note that Searchya is not a virus. Some security company calls it adware or program that will be installed on your PC along with the intended program. It only means that most of the time it comes bundled with your desired program. For example, you only want an MP3 Player. Upon the installation, other programs are also loaded without asking for your permission. This extra software is what they perceive as adware.

    Anyway, to uninstall Searchya toolbar and remove the search bar on your homepage, please proceed with this guide.

    How to remove the Searchya toolbar from Internet browser
    There is a way to hide the toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar area. Next, find Searchya Toolbar and remove the check mark right beside it. To permanently remove the toolbar from your browser, you will need uninstall Searchya from Windows.

    Uninstall Searchya toolbar from Windows
    1. Go to the Start Menu, then Control Panel.
    2. Look for the area where in you can Uninstall/Remove Programs.
    3. Find the Searchya Toolbar entry in the list of installed software.
    4. Click Remove/Uninstall and proceed with the procedure.

    How to remove Searchya page from homepage
    This guide will allow you to reset your homepage, go to your browser settings and do the following:

    In Internet Explorer – Go to Tools and then click Internet Options. On General tab, click Restore to Default.

    In Mozilla Firefox 4 – Click the orange “Firefox” button on the top left then click Options. On General tab, click Restore to Default.

    In Firefox 3.6 – Go to Tools, click Options. On General tab, type the preferred homepage address or just click Restore to Default.

    In Google Chrome – Click on the Wrench icon on top right corner of the browser, then go to Settings. Locate the area ‘On startup and click on Open a specific page or set of pages’. Add your preferred web address as your homepage.

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