How can I remove Mobogenie?

I installed Mobogenie on my PC few weeks ago. It is a good program indeed. However, I found some flaws in it and since it was installed, I felt that computer becomes sluggish. There are also times that I am having software problems especially when surfing the web. Mobogenie is the only program I have loaded into the computer that could be the sources of troubles. I never had these errors and issues when Mobogenie is not yet around.

I did uninstall Mobogenie from the computer via Windows control panel. For the process, it seems to be completed. Hence, some items of the program are still present on the computer. I am still getting the Mobogenie start-up asking for mobile device to be connected. Moreover, issues on the browser never got away even though I have uninstalled Mobogenie.

Please tell me what to do. How can I completely remove this software from my computer?


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  1. CaseyM

    This Mobogenie thing is all over my browser and computer. I don’t know how I got it and I am not interested with it. I want to remove it from the computer but every time I run an uninstall procedure, my computer hangs and cannot proceed.

    Please tell me how to remove Mobogenie completely using free methods and tools.


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