How can I block Infolinks ads from browser?

Every time I search the web, I am seeing Infolinks advertisements all over the page. Sometimes, I even get frustrated when Infolinks pop-up and ad covering my entire screen. I really don’t know what to do with this.

I guess the thing started after I have obtained a video player from torrent. After installing the program, ads started to appear every now and then. Although those first advertisements are not from Infolinks, they came from various companies and some are in the form of banner ads.

There are times that survey will appear when I am trying to access links from Facebook. After running a scan using Adware Cleaner, all that pop-ups have gone. However, Infolinks started to appear. Please tell me how to block ads by Infolinks from my browser. Also, do not recommend paid program as I have no funds to buy them.



  1. JMinings

    You never mentioned what kind of browser you are using. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, there are available plug-in that you can download without a charge. While Firefox is open, navigate to top menu, go to Tools, and then Add-ons. There is a search box at the top-right corner. Just type ‘ad blocker’ and all programs with the same function will appear. Choose one and install it. This tool will block all ad, not just Infolinks.

    For Google and Internet Explorer, I guess you have to search the web. One thing I know is there is no free ad blocking programs for these browsers. I might be wrong though. If Infolinks ads is in the form of pop-up, then you can use built-in pop-up blocker.

  2. Pamela

    Hi, this is Pamela from Infolinks. The ads you saw after you downloaded a video player were not from Infolinks. Infolinks only displays ads on websites that choose to display Infolinks ads and work with us. We don’t appear on random sites. We also don’t have full page ads that would ever cover an entire website. Our ads are small and non-intrusive. It appears that you are seeing a lot of different ads that may or may not include Infolinks ads. For the ads that do belong to Infolinks, you can click on the question mark at the bottom of the ad and select to opt out. Best of luck.

  3. DanFord

    Very well said Pamela.

    To TeinMarc, as far as I know, Infolinks is a legitimate advertising platform that is used by many publishers. You may have seen a different one, or one that tries to mimic known advertisements. Last two weeks, I helped a friend to remove an adware called Chitka. At first glance, it may look like a legitimate ad, but it is not. Because the real one is called Chitika. Same thing may have happened to your PC. It could be fake one with misspelled Infolinks.

  4. Mike Barrile

    Well Pam, I for one disagree. First, define small and non-intrusive. My screen is 15″ tall and your ad is 5″, I find it totally intrusive. Viewed about 20 automotive forums and your ad was on most, yet NOT one linked me to the question of “searching for info on 2005 Silverado”. Dead link on all but the arrow was sure to bring me to your site to inquire about your service. And you forgot to mention that the “opt out” link is only for that page and you have to do it every time. Bottom line, your spam and a total waste of bandwidth.

  5. Patrick Blake

    Thanks Pamela … links were showing up in my Firefox browser only and clicking the “?” and then opting out took care of everything. Thanks for the info … nice to see a company like Infolinks that is on the “up & up” … unfortunately, way too many “adware” company’s are not, or at the very least are slimy & deceptive.

    Thanks again!

  6. kelli

    I have clicked the “?” to opt out and if I’m correct, it only opts out of THAT particular site. If I were seeing the Infolinks pop up on only one site, it would be less annoying and bearable. However, I see the Infolinks pop up chronically while browsing various sites. I wish Infolinks could remember my computer when I click the “x” on their pop up without having to click the “?” on every single site I visit and opt out repeatedly. So, yes, it’s quite annoying and time draining, such as generating this comment. I will never regain these moments in my life.

  7. Jon

    I found one sight that says it is linked to my Mcfee and how to disable it there but that is temporary too. I find it very annoying and intrusive and can’t believe Pam has the nerve and is so arrogant in my opinion to say it isn’t. When your making money off someone else’s misery I guess you can afford to be arrogant,

  8. Monty Riel

    I hate pop ups and info links is the worst. Its spam and it interferes with any activity you are doing. I’m trying to figure how to get rid of this pest but so far can’t.

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