AVG 2012 Free Remover – Uninstall Problems

Please help me. I install AVG Free 2012 about two weeks ago. It was working fine ever since. Later on, when I added another security program called SAS, it begins to show errors. Until AVG start to hangs and slow down my computer. I decided to uninstall AVG 2012 with add/remove program but the process will not be able to complete. It hangs in the middle.

I did try to download AVG Remover 2012 from their official web site and run it on my PC. The same thing happens. AVG Remover 2012 will crash before it can uninstall the program. Are there any other ways to remove AVG 2012? I would be glad to try any other programs or tools that can complete the uninstall process for this anti-virus. Please help me. Thanks in advance.


  1. aldrin

    Just my opinion, the two software must be having conflicts. Uninstall SAS first. Then, reinstall AVG Free 2012 and update it. Remove it using the Uninstall link from its start-up/programs menu.

    If it cannot be removed, then used the AVG Remover 2012. After successfully removing the program, it your choice if you still want to install SAS.

  2. dottie

    need to uninstall AVG! IT WONT UNINSTALL. PLEASE HELP

  3. dottie


  4. blazer

    I had AVG 2011 and that version have bin very good, I upgrade and 1 weak after uninstall and put on first comp avast on second Kaspersky so much better than AVG. You have CC-cleaner or your uninstaller they will be able to complete remove program, registry and other objects. My recommendation is to put avast anti virus!!!

  5. Joao

    I would recommend AppRemover, very good product and now can work on Macs,

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