removal of bgsa upload from nokia x2-00

There is this particular virus, its tagged ‘BGSA upload’ I tried removing it, but it would go and come back, sometimes it disappears from my memory card to my phone. I just bought a new memory card and its still there. How do I remove it? I need an antivirus.and my phone contains virus that’s why some of the software are not installed.i want the please tell me the antivirus name.


  1. Khaleel

    This is not a virus. This is a file created by nokia s40 os itself

  2. Savdas

    I have nokia mobile x2-00. And my quesion is a BGSA_UPLOAD means rly pls.

  3. prabu

    I have using nokia x2-00. And i had using bluetooth for many times. But now my mobile using for bluetooth to another nokia x2 dual series. While my phone was created “BGSA” upload file. I am confused that it is virus or not… Pls help me any one reply me plz….

  4. [email protected]

    i am kalai . remove bgsa virus please ask any answare

  5. john

    ramove bgsa

  6. john

    ramove bgsa

  7. p

    it is not a virus. But if you still want to delete it then just format yous memory card. And if you want that it should not come again then turn off the auto update date and time. Thanks,and hope this helps you

  8. Lakbu Lepcha

    I have two problem of unknown file.1,BGSA UPLOAD 2, temp, i want to remove this file but it could not remove, plz help me.

  9. How to remove bgsa upload virus?

    How to remove Bgsa upload?

  10. Prince

    The best solution is here connect your phone to computer and then open notepad and type :
    @echo off
    %root%bgsa upload.log
    %system%del bgsa upload.log .
    And save it as antivirus.bat .

  11. swapnil

    when i remove my memory card my personal data disaper (photos) and instead of bgsa log are present
    …is there any chance to get back that data..

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