Nokia Lumia 900 Antivirus Program

I am just speculating if there is an antivirus program for Nokia Lumia 900. I just bought this phone and it is a little expensive for me so I decided to invest a little on its security. My previous phone is an Android device and I can use AVG to protect it. With Windows 7.5 as a system for Lumia 900, I still don’t know if there is antivirus already in the market. If security program is not yet available, is it still safe to use the phone in Internet browsing? I often use this phone in checking mails and browsing Facebook, so I’m a bit scared that one day it might get infected with a virus.

If anyone here using Nokia Lumia 900 and is protected, kindly share your antivirus or similar security program. Also, please provide a link where can I download a trial version so that I can check before buying. Thanks.


  1. edward_415

    There is no need to use antivirus programs for your phone right now. Unlike Android phones, Nokia Lumia 900 uses a secure platform from Microsoft – Windows 7.5. It is not an open application where in any programmers may have access to create modifications and experiments.

    Also, Windows Phone system is not the same as Windows PC. It does not have a multi-task capability to run a virus while other task is running. To make it more secure for end user. Microsoft offers download from their marketplace. Every program made publicly available is carefully inspected to make sure that it will not harm the phone.

    This only means that your phone is safe against virus attacks. But that does not mean that you are not susceptible to social hacks and fraud. These swindling activities are out of antivirus protection even though you have it installed on the phone.


  2. Yes


  3. Janek

    I have lumia 900 right now and I was thinking where I get antivirus program. If it no need this,it’s allright.

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