Mobile Memory – needs to format

I cannot open my micro memory card.
when i put the memory card in my pc and when I click open then shows me to format it.

Now what can I do it.


  1. jabawiz

    Two things, it maybe defective or infected. Have you tried using it on other card reader or computer? Sometimes, new memory are incompatible with older versions of reader. Also, why don’t you format it, are there important files in there?

    If it can be recognized by your computer but could not read the contents, it could be infected by a worm. Try this steps.

    1. Press [Windows Key] + [R] on your keyboard. That will launch a run dialog box.

    2. Type “cmd”

    3. On DOS command prompt. Go the the drive by typing “D:” (I pressume this is your memory drive)

    4. Type “attrib” to see list of files with attributes. If you notice files that has SHR attributes, list them.

    5. Then type “attrib -s -h -r filename” to set proper attributes.

    6. Finally, type “del filename” to delete the file.

    If you can see a file autorun.inf, it could be a file dropped by the worm that causing you troubles. You may also scan the memory with any antivirus programs.

  2. Sabrina sai

    Format. Then only you can get rid of your card or else it would get damaged

  3. Dawit

    I want delete BGSA upload(VIRUS) From my mobile memory

  4. kenedy

    I agree with sabrina sai

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