“Duplicate Files Deleter”

“Duplicate Files Deleter” ( it finds and deletes duplicate files from hard drive )i am using it and benifited so i suggest you to use this software and make fast your pc,visit for details


  1. siyan123

    I think DuplicateFilter.com is the best free duplicate files deleter. I find it very useful and fast to find and delete all duplicate files on my computer. It can even instantly find and remove the largest files that occupy my disk space. I can free up my disk space in seconds!

  2. arfan chy

    Duplicate files can be one of the mean reasons that your pc taking too long open files and games.Its very good for pc .I have choice it for pc.

  3. free software download

    I am very upset because i failed to get the right info about hidden file deleting ….but yesterday when i was looking into google just by using this keyword: “free virus clean software download” then i got like this awesome software providing : softpicks dot com

  4. Sergio

    For a really sipmle chat program you can just use IRC.You can connect to a chat room (this can be private) and then connect directly to another user (this is called DCC) to transfer files. The nice thing about doing it this way is that the connection to the chat room is persistent. You don’t have to have both computers online at the same time. You can have one computer connect to the room and then wait (many IRC users leave it on for days or weeks) until the other user shows up.

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