Corrupted phone memory card

My nokia x2’s memory card has corrupted what can I do friends?

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  1. tellus

    If you can take out the card and plug-it into a PC, you can always use a Check Disk command of Windows. You can always use an card reader to plug-it into USB port of the computer. Do not plug the phone with USB in it, because this will not going to work.

    After inserting the corrupted memory card, see what is the assigned drive letter. For this example, let’s say it is drive E:/.
    1. Press WindowsKey + R on your keyboard.
    2. Type “cmd” (without the quotes). Command prompt window should open.
    3. Type the following: chkdsk e: /r

    Windows will run a check disk on drive e:, and repair whenever it finds errors. This scan will take around 10 minutes or depending on the size of the card.

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