Antivirus for Nokia Lumia 710

I just bought Nokia Lumia 710. The sales person told me that it was running under Windows 7.5. Since I know that Windows operating systems are prone to virus infection, is there a way that my phone can also be infected with a virus. If so, please tell me what a good antivirus program for my Nokia Lumia 710.

My friend advises me that there is no need to install antivirus because Microsoft has features to prevent the attack. I am very worried because I will be using the phone to browse the Internet. I know that even I cannot catch virus, the phone is very susceptible to malware or other harsh program.


  1. d_rock

    I never know of mobile antivirus program that will work in Nokia Lumia 710. It is using Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). With the software being so new, there is a little chance that virus maker may exploit its fault this early. I don’t think that you need an antivirus program for this phone.

    However, be careful when browsing the Internet, there are still scam and malware out there that might not infect the Nokia Lumia, but may take advantage of its user’s innocence. Malware authors may create a program that can be branded as ‘Nokia Lumia 710 Antivirus’ but after downloading, it will show you misleading messages that could end up paying for a useless program.

    As I have said, I supposed there is no need for antivirus software at this moment. Just be careful when browsing the Internet and downloading files, especially apps. To be safe, download programs from an official web page.

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    Having acquired a cellphone running Windows Phone 7.5, this was my first thought! Google found this, among other things:

    does windows phone 7.5 need antivirus – Microsoft Community

    Microsoft’s Big Idea for ‘anti-virus’ is restrict non-Microsoft processes so only one can run at a time! That way, if you run an application to compensate for the crap which Microsoft provides, then no virus can run! Windows Phone 7.5? Windows without the multi-tasking windows which are so necessary!

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    It’s great.

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    my windows nokia phone are infected by virus what do i do please

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