zoazo.exe virus on my USB

Hi, laptop is infected and it always detected zoazo.exe on my USB flash drive. The computer hangs and slows down and issues error messages pertaining to zoazo.exe. How can I get rid of it? Please advise. Thanks


  1. Neo_Shadow

    I had the same problem. I had to reformat my computer, and i had to format my USB on a Windows XP.

  2. jhoebherth

    I have the same problem with my laptops and usb, I installed different anti-virus and this one solve the problem “Try the Latest AVAST”…

  3. janku

    this virus is so stupid and It’s not flexible the solution is to delete your user account & create a new one after you log on the new account delete the infected one , this virus prefer to resid in document & settings Folder and it cannot change his directory so this the easy way to get rid of it , don’t worry about your personal documents , you can copy it after delete the infected user account this virus is invisible.

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