Zeroaccess Rootkit Removal Tool

Zeroaccess Rootkit attaches itself on my computer. My current antivirus program is able to detect the virus, however, it is not capable of removing it. Some web sites suggested removal tools, but found them to be expensive. I did download what they offer as trial version but after scanning my computer, the program found nothing. It is my verdict that those are fake security software.

As far as I can remember, my PC was infected with Zeroaccess Rootkit after doing some search. Internet browser immediately shuts down and computer has restarted. Then, after reboot, my computer seems a bit slow than normal. Internet browsing is intermittent.

This Zeroaccess Rootkit virus is very complicated. It has affected every program on my PC. The effect is very devastating. Nothing worked at this moment and I am considering or reformatting the computer if no procedures or removal tool is available. Please guide me.



  1. BillyJoe

    Every antivirus vendor has their own removal software for Zeroaccess or TDSS Tidserv malware. You can use one after the other to make sure the computer is free from this malware. Good thing, these tools are provided free without any strings attached. However, please take note that zeroaccess rootkit removal tool are not a substitute for your antivirus program. It is not a protection program. Here are some of the free zeroaccess removers.

    Rootkit Remover – This is a stand-alone utility developed by McAfee.

    Trojan Zeroaccess Removal Tool – Designed by Symantec to remove infections from Trojan Zeroaccess family of malware

    TDSSKiller – Kaspersky made this tool to remove variants of Rootkit.Win32.TDSS, bootkits, and rootkits family

    aswMBR – This rootkit scanner by Avast scans and remove TDL3/4, MBRoot or Sinowal, and other rootkits Trojan

    RootkitBuster – TrendMicro’s rootkitbuster scans components of the malware and removed them instantly

    There are still other tools you can use aside from the posted above. Just search the web for the rest.


  2. Shammamy

    Sorry, but obviously this promo is over and I can’t givawaey either since I am not an officer of Wondershare. But pls keep up your eyes on this blog, and you may find out more helpful info you may need. Thanks

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