Sirefef and Zeroaccess causing Windows to restart automatically in one minute

Hello, I am facing a huge problem now. Microsoft Security Essentials shows an alert on Siferef/Zeroaccess infected file SERVICES.EXE and it will display a messages saying:

“Windows has encountered a critical problem and will restart automatically in one minute. Save your work now.”

My computer reboots repeatedly after detecting Zeroaccess and Sirefef and I can do nothing about it. I already run several antivirus programs but none of them helped me out to delete the Trojan. In fact, I was not able to complete the scan because of this constant rebooting of Windows.

I need immediate help to stop the reboot loop. Please tell me what to do. I wish I can save the PC and solve this issue without going through a reformat course.

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  1. techie

    For automatic removal of Sirefef and Zeroaccess using a free tool, you can refer to this guide. Download the tool and carefully follow the instruction to remove the Trojan from an infected computer.

    1. Download the file FixZeroAccess.exe from this page. Save the file to accessible location like Windows desktop.
    2. Close all open programs.
    3. Temporarily Disable System Restore if you are running on Windows XP). [how to]
    4. Browse for the location of the file FixZeroAccess.exe.

    5. Double-click on the file to run it. If it prompts for a security warning and ask if you want to run the file, please choose Run.
    6. If will open a Zero Access Fix Tool End User License Agreement (EULA). You must accept this license agreement in order to proceed with Sirefef and Zeroaccess removal. Please click I Accept.
    7. It will display a message and prepares the computer to restart. Please click on Proceed.

    8. When it shows a message about “Restarting System” please click on OK button.
    9. After restarting the computer, the tool will display information about the identified threats. Please continue running the tool by following the prompts.
    10. When it reaches the final step, the tool will show the scan result containing deleted components of Sirefef and Zeroaccess. Your computer is now free from the harmful Trojan.

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