Youtube No Video But Has Audio Sound

When I view videos on YouTube, I can hear the sounds but no video is displayed. I have another computer with identical setup and YouTube is working fine without any problems. Does this YouTube no video problem was caused by a virus? I can watch online videos on other web site except YouTube. As far as I can remember, the problem started few weeks ago. It has been and an on and off situation. But now it is totally not displaying a video. I need help to resolve this. Thanks


  1. mousetrap

    To be able to view Youtube Video try to update your Flash player first. If that does not resolve the issue, clear your cache in your browser (firefox for windows is to drop down the ‘tools’ menu, select ‘clear recent history’ in the privacy option and clear the cache) and reload the video you are trying to view.

    This should have made the video visible and when you left click for settings, you should be able to adjust the properties. The very first icon at the bottom (far left) is the one for “Enable Hardware Acceleration”.

    UNCLICK the box! (select that this is NOT what you want)

    This will disable hardware acceleration and should allow you to view normally. I think it had something to do with the flash update a while ago, because I only just applied the update when this problem occured.

  2. james davidson

    Thanks Mousetrap.. There were no Flash player updates, so I cleared my cache…everything works fine now!!!!

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