Windows Safety Master Registration Key

Hi, Windows Windows Safety Master virus have attacked my computer. I think there is no way I can get rid of it until it was fully activated. When I try to run any security tools, this rogue program blocked my access. It wants me to register the program first. Same thing will happen when I am trying to do an online virus scanner. Windows Safety Master blocks all Internet access and display a fake error page that aims on marketing the said program.

By the way, this malware first arrived as part of a coupon and deals web sites. Beware of unknown offers because it is a source of Windows Safety Master virus infection. I know that there is something wrong with my PC due to sudden reduces in performance. It was running too slow and sometimes hangs while surfing the net.

Please help me obtain Windows Safety Master registration code to activate this program. But, if you have good resources of removing this rogue without getting full version, please share it with me. I am not willing to pay for Windows Safety Master activation just to get rid of this malware.

Thanks and regards,