Windows cannot find y.exy, Windows restart

Each time I turn on my laptop it will say Windows cannot find ‘y.exy’ after loading Windows XP then suddenly it will shut down and restart, it cycle on the situation. What is y.exy? Am I infected with a virus?


  1. Christine Carrier

    Everytime I restart my computer, a message comes up that window cannot find this file: y.exy. What is this coming up for? I have Windows Vista.

  2. Jenn

    Yep. you mostly likely have a virus. My sister’s vista computer is in the same situation (the exact thing comes up when she starts her computer), and it has a lot of viruses on it. It’s probably something that was downloaded by another virus without your knowledge. If you have some programs or files on your computer, that aren’t signed to microsoft, and you aren’t aware of making/downloading/installing, then they are potentially/probably dangerous. I recommend you download a good anti virus program, or Microsoft Security Essentials as well as maleware bytes and scan your computer.

  3. Tom

    Be very cautious, scroll down to the third post.


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