Remove Windows Antivirus 2012 has found critical process activity on your PC

Hi, I need help very badly. Whenever I browse the Internet, it will redirect me to a page with title “Windows Security Warning.” The page looks like a Windows Explorer but I am certain that it was a web page because it consists of URL as address. The page will run virus scan on my computer, on every drive I have and after a while, it will display a message “Windows Antivirus 2012 has found critical process activity on your PC and will perform fast scan of system files!”

I try searching the net for Windows Antivirus 2012 virus but all I get was result for other kind of malware programs. I need to stop this hijacking thing on my browser and I want to stop the pop-up alerts. This virus is already spending three days on my computer and I cannot do anything but watch the virus ruin my PC. Please help me.


  1. dadas09

    If I were in your situation, I will download a good antimalware program. You can try Malwarebytes antimalware or superantispyware. Both have good reputation when it comes to fighting rogue programs. However, the first has better edge because of great support and active updating.

    Simply download and install the program. Update the database and run a full scan. Some advise that you can do the scan while Windows is in safe mode. They say it is much effective.

  2. hating this virus!

    i have the same virus! seems to be no help out there!

  3. Atul

    I have three Trojans in my computer laptop. My malwarebytes is functional but it is unable to remove the Trojans. I even tried using malwarebytes on safe mode and it could not find the viruses. I tried it again and it found two but could not remove them. Do you know any additional free antivirus programs that really removes Trojans or any steps on how to remove them manually?

  4. Liubove

    Get Avira, when downloading it, chose save. Then, save it to the flash drive. Once the download complete, open the flash drive, double-click on the install thing, and install AVIRA. When you did open it up from the flash drive and Update it. I use this to scan my other old PC because it’s very slow and I also helped a friend once.

  5. Kayla

    Hi I have the same, it just happened to me. It’s weird!

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