Win32:MBRoot-J [Trj] removal tool

My computer is invaded with a virus called Win32:MBRoot-J [Trj], or perhaps it is a Trojan. Avast antivirus found it and it always flashing on my screen. I can see that since I have the infection, my hard disk drive LED light keeps on blinking. Win32:MBRoot-J [Trj] has terribly done worst on my computer. It is so slow that I cannot do anything. When I try browsing the web, the computer hangs and I cannot do anything but to reset it.

I would like this thing out of my PC. Though, I don’t know how to do it. Avast can detect Win32:MBRoot-J [Trj] but it cannot fix or delete it. I have tried quarantine option but the pest still comes back. I am losing hope.

All my files are now archived on external drive. I am ready to reformat the computer. However, I am still prating that someone can help me remove Win32:MBRoot-J [Trj] without doing it the hard way. Is there a removal tool for this Trojan?


  1. srs2012

    Win32:MBRoot-J [Trj] is a harmful Trojan. Since Avast can detect it, maybe they have all the means to remove it. Try scanning your computer with aswMBR. It is a standalone cleaning tool. It can remove variants of ZeroAccess/Sirefef and other kinds of master boot record Trojan.

    Just search for “aswMBR” and download the tool. Update it before running a full scan on the infected computer. Another rootkit remover is Norton Power Eraser. Just like aswMBR, it is a free cleaning tool that can remove rootkits and mbr viruses.

  2. HughRichards

    srs2012, after running a scan, it founds a number of viruses especially MBR types. aswMBR removed it. I did another scan using Norton Power Eraser and it still found a couple of Trojans. I deleted it as well. My computer is acting normal now but there is a slight problem. I am having an error on SigmaTel driver. Maybe it was damaged due to infection. I just need to reinstall it.

    Thanks for the help.

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