Win32/cryptor How do I get rid of this?

Hello, I already saw the posting for this virus. All the comments people have left have not been useful. I have done an AVG and malwarebytes scan, and have not found a thing. Yet, whenever I open Internet explorer a little pop up reads THREAT DETECTED, and I try to heal it or move it to the vault and it won’t allow me. This occurs whenever I open Internet explorer. I called a company, and they said they would take control of my computer and clean it out for a big clump of money, which I cannot do. So if you have any suggestions, please help.



  1. don crater

    Hi , I’m sorry about your problems. i just ran my anti virus and it found 9 of these viruses in mine.

    I can’t be too helpful, because this virus is very destructive to files, and files can’t restore their self.

    it destroyed my files that opened the files in my computer. it also destroyed my restore files. sadly, my only option was to format my drives, and reinstall windows. it would help if you had a friend to help you with this. that’s how i learned to fix mine. you can save a bunch of money doing it yourself.

    I’m sorry i can’t be of help to you, but reinstalling windows is the only choice you have.

    good luck,

  2. Harry

    Hi Deanna,

    I just read your post from 2012 about Conduit, that troublesome search website that takes over your computer. I hope you were able to resolve that problem. Here is what I did to block conduit and other intruders: Open Internet Explorer, click on Internet Options, then Privacy, then Sites. In Sites, type, then click Block, then OK. Restart the computer and — fingers crossed — no more Conduit Search. You may want to print or copy these instructions before using them. If you read this message, it would please me to receive an acknowledgement. Harry

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