White screen Red “LOCKED” text virus

Each time I open my computer, all I can see is white screen with red “LOCKED” text instead of usual Windows logo. It hangs in there and no more activity on the system. I never seen this kind of virus so as my friend who is a technician. He told me that the computer is infected with some kind of Trojan or virus. We set aside that this is some kind of ransomware since it didn’t ask for payment or something. The message on the screen is a simple “LOCKED” in red words.

I’m a little bit convinced that Trojan is the main cause of this. Few days ago, I downloaded a program and my antivirus detects and infection. I stop the installation right away and remove the executable file from my computer. All of a sudden, just right now, this white screen with red “LOCKED” text just appeared out of nowhere without doing anything on the PC.

I have scanned the system with various tools like adaware, superantispyware, and avg free. They all found distinct viruses but none of them have removed the LOCKED virus from the desktop. I am still searching the web for the right fix. Hope someone on this forum can help me.



  1. cody

    Me too. A huge big red ‘Locked’ appears on my computer. It is not asking for money. No way to unlock. No money, no code, no thing. Help me.

  2. cody

    Also Click SHIFT SHIFT SHIFT SHIFT and you will get ‘ Sticky Keys’ but it can open control panel and threw control panel you can access the internet my computer is STILL like that but i figured that out so i can play internet BUT also through the internet you can download something go to downloads and then file manager and get access to almost everything :D

  3. cody

    also i don’t think you can fix it but if you have the same virus i do the file folder (and/or) virus is named( THE SCREEN EXE) name: 00142e02.exe BUT I MUST WARN YOU the file will not be found well…. at least not in safe mode GL(for me :D jk for both of us)

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