Warning on Trojan horse, passcapture found

I have this warning on my computer that says “Warning Dangerous spyware Many viruses were found on your computer such as : Trojan horse, passcapture etc. your personal information can fall into in the ‘third hands.”

Help me get rid of this annoying alerts.


  1. yanina

    hola tengo una aviso en mi computadora que dise: advertencia peligroso spyware y virus se encuentran en su ordenador, conocidos como caballo de troya, passcapture, etc… su informacion puede caer a terceras manos.
    la verdad que me esta descontrolando toda la computadora y nose que mas hacer, me tiene fastidiosa… gracias

  2. jervin

    Download and run Malwarebytes Antimalware. It can delete those pests on your computer.

  3. gomes

    I also received the same warnings & I used “Malwarebytes Antimalware” as recommended above by jervin. It scanned my system and identified about 20 infected objects and “claimed to cure” it. At first I felt “Malwarebytes Antimalware” has done a great job but, after that I scanned my system 2 more times and in each scan it identified 1 & 3 more infected items.

    I am just wondering is “Malwarebytes Antimalware” really working on it or is it just misleading me. Is there any better and more solid solution to this problem?

    Can anyone please suggest a stronger anti-virus/anti-spyware?

  4. a person

    Well I used McAfee Security Center. but it don’t work as good and my computer says I need to get an anti-spyware, but McAfee says it would come with a anti-spyware, but i guess it didn’t!

  5. Daryl

    the people that make these viruses are probably the same people that make the programs to make it go away, it is so much BS,, i cant believes the government doesnt go after these places, that infect ur computer then tell u to make this go away u should buy this program. my computer is all messed up because of this crap

  6. xicohtl

    I have the same problem.

    Dangerous Spyware
    Many viruses were found in your computer such as: Trojan horses, PassCapture,etc.
    Your personal information can fall into the: third hands”.

    I tried AVG, solve nothing. It has blocked SuperAntiSpyware & Malwarebytes and cannot be run. I tried Avast! and Advanced System Care, but solved half of the problem. Every time that I restart the PC Avast! run and finds more malware. It’s a never ending.

    I went into the registry to unblock the Task Manager and the Desktop wallpaper. However, when I reboot my PC, this BS blocks all them again.

  7. Nathan

    I’m helping a friend with a computer problems…it seems to be the same one you are all talking about, but there is one additional problem. He cannot log onto the Internet, so he cannot install any program that can help.

    any suggestions?

  8. i need help

    i have the exact same problem as u guys but i cant log onto the Internet as well and also sometimes my PC doesn’t come on it stops and freezes at log-on screen… Does anyone know if i bought anti-virus would it get rid of this crap? Id really appreciate if someone could help

  9. geting tired of getting viruses

    I have the same pass capture virus also and I seem to run across this problem about every 10 weeks during college finals I have macafee and like the article previous it did not work. This virus has stopped me from using the Internet and keeps trying to open mozzilla firefox and IE both as well as my documents I would love to try another product but I have to remove macafee first and It will not uninstall I find all this nonsense very time consuming and now it is affecting my ability to do research and homework seriously I need answers

  10. Venkatesh Patil

    Where I can get “Malwarebytes Antimalware”

  11. Trojan Angel

    I found the only way I know so far is to do a complete format, and luckily it actually lets you save files that you don’t want to lose before the format.

  12. arick

    Okay if these comments are as useless to you as they have been for me, read the rest of this post.

    This piece of virus/malware completely compromised my system. My antivirus at the time (ad-aware) pointed me towards a crucial system file (userinit.exe) and recommended I remove it. You can’t even LOG IN without that file. You know you are having this problem if when you click your user-name or administrator, windows will not even go to the desktop. I had to go through a lengthy process which I will outline below for any other unfortunate souls that wind up here with the same problem.

    1. Obtain a boot disk for Windows XP / XP Pro / Vista, whatever you have. I have XP and the XP Pro boot disk I made worked fine.

    2. Change the boot order via F2, F8, or F12 on start-up of the computer to CD/DVD. Insert the boot disk afterwards.

    3. When booting from the disk, give it time to start-up, and when you arrive at the screen with 3 options including reformat (install Windows), go to the second one where you press “r” to enter recovery setup mode or something similar.

    4. Choose to start the Windows version you have on the boot disk, so DO NOT select your C:\ or normal drive, select the other one.

    5. From here, your DOS skills will affect how fast you can get this done. You need to copy the userinit.exe from the CD to your hard drive. By default, the command prompt should start you off with the directory as [drive]\WINDOWS. Type: “cd system32” and you should end up with [drive]\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. From here, type: copy userinit.exe [destination]. In the brackets where I typed destination you will have to type your hard drive, which may be C:\, G:\, or one of many other letters. You should see some kind of confirmation message that says it was successful. Unfortunately, you have to copy to the root of the drive and not to the specific folder where you need the file, which is why there are more steps after this one.

    6. After copying the file to the root of your hard drive, again boot from the boot disk. This time, select your hard drive’s version of Windows to navigate. You will again be dropped into the C:\WINDOWS directory.

    7. Finally, copy the file by typing: copy userinit.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. This will move the file to the correct folder, allowing you to actually LOG IN instead of being stuck in an infinite loop once you click your user-name.

    Alas, the problems do not end here if you are like me. I can now access my desktop and the Internet via safe mode with networking, but I still have a wicked virus of some sort that prohibits me from doing much if anything when I log in normally. If someone would find a fix to this particular malware and post it here I would much appreciate it. I have a hard time believing it is just the spywareremover2009 causing all of this, but if I find out I will post a followup.

    Good luck to everyone.

  13. ares

    I got this virus on my school laptop at my house and I was scared, but I looked it up and downloaded malwarebyte antimalware really good program just do a complete scan like 2 or 4 time and it should be normal the desktop background is located in the WINDOWS folder u can erase it after the healing and everything is back to normal.

  14. fah_q_buddie

    yes, same problem! now, is this “malwarebyte antimalware” free? and another thing: can the site that you are sent to after clicking on the warning bubble, be held responsible?

  15. GypsyGirl

    I have the same problem :( I just spent the morning on the phone with Microsoft and they’re having me do the oncecare safety scan at their website. She swears it will fix this. I’m not so sure but I’m trying it anyway. If it works, I’ll post later today and let everyone know. (I’m using another computer in the house).

    To access the OneCare Safety Scan I had to boot using Safe Mode with Networking and than go into Internet. It took 2 tries but once I was in it let me run the scan.

    If anyone else has a better solution PLEASE let me know…I’m the family genealogist and silly me lost my backup CD so if I lose my computer, I’ve lost 10 years of research. NOT happy w/ this at all :( And AVG did not pick up on it.

  16. Kokothejoker

    I have the same problem i log in to my OTHER computer and the background says
    Dangerous spyware
    Many viruses were found on your computer such as : Trojan horse, passcapture etc. your personal information can fall into in the ‘third hands.”

    But i cannot access the Internet to fix it i need help what can I do?

  17. ruhane

    have you tried a system restore? this seems to clear the problem.

  18. SMokey243

    To be honest , Best to make sure u remove all the viruses is Reformatting your computer and Deleting your C drive… If you do not have a anti Virus program to remove it.

  19. SMokey243

    Also if anyone comes across a Program Called Click Potatoe ” DO NOT DOWNLOAD” seems to be in Movie sites… It is a Known Virus program and will eff your computer up !!!

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