Vista Defender 2013 Virus Removal Tool

I need help very urgent. My computer is battling Vista Defender 2013 virus. It keeps on showing pop-up warnings. I can’t use the computer at all. The virus also blocks my Internet access so I was not able to download any tools as suggested on some forums. I have managed to run a scan using my antivirus software after booting the computer in safe mode. It found some Trojans but I am not sure if it belongs to Vista Defender 2013. After clearing the PC, I restart Windows. Sadly, the virus is still there.

I don’t know now what to do. I am almost hopeless and willing to reformat my computer if that is the only way to take out the malware. If anybody here can point me to a site that offers free removal tool for Vista Defender 2013, I will be very thankful.

Many thanks,


  1. robo88

    Vista Defender 2013 is part of a Braviax/Chameleon rogue family. Malware from this group is hard to eliminate. They tend to break your Internet connection to dodge you from downloading removal tool. Even if we suggest a tool that can delete Vista Defender 2013, at the current stage, you may not be able to obtain anything from the web.
    As I always suggest for this type of malware. You must activate Vista Defender 2013 first. Use this code to run the program in registered mode : 3425-814615-3990.

    Once it is activated, download malwarebytes anti-malware and tdsskiller. Run a complete scan on the infected computer.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Hester

    The paragon of unintsraeddng these issues is right here!

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