Vista Antispyware 2013 Virus Removal

A thing called Vista Antispyware 2013 is present on my computer. From my observation and after reading some articles, I can confirm that it is a virus or malware. It just got inside my computer after downloading a web enhancement software. Perhaps, Vista Antispyware 2013 is included in the package. I am too dumb to download program from unknown site.

Now that Vista Antispyware 2013 is on my computer, my work is very much distracted. In fact, I cannot use the PC normally. From time to time, a warning shows up containing a message similar to this.

“Vista Antispyware 2013 Alert
Security Hole Detected!
A program is trying to exploit Windows security holes! Passwords and sensitive data may be stolen. Do you want to block this attack?”

The infected computer is also denied to access the Internet. Good thing I have a tablet that is running on IOS, which I believe is virus-proof. From this device, I am hoping that I can find a program that can automatically remove Vista Antispyware 2013 from my computer.

Billy Ray


  1. dave_d

    Well I have no idea if you can download Vista Antispyware 2013 removal tools using a tablet. Best thing you can do is activate the program first. You don’t have to pay for the serial number, use this code:

    Vista Antispyware 2013 Registration Key: 3425-814615-3990

    Right after you input the code, the malware will give back your access to the Internet. It thinks that you have purchase the full version. From there, you can proceed with the removal by starting with anti-malware download and scan. It is best if you will run the scan when Windows is in Safe Mode.

  2. Mohd

    I have cleaned this off of two PCs sususecfclly but it takes a bit of physical work. You will need one PC that is not infected and has its anti-virus software up to date and Malwarebytes ( installed. I removed the hard drive from the infected PC and connected it to the good PC as a secondary drive. (I purchased a sata/ide to usb adapter a while ago just for situations like this so it makes connecting the drive easy.) I then ran Malwarebytes and the anti-virus software scanning the infected drive. Malwarebytes did the trick but I ran the virus scan too just in case. I then put the cleaned drive back into its PC and all was well.

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