w32/sality.ag Virus problem

I need help. My system and all machine attached to the network are fully corrupt and infected with w32/sality.ag virus. How to remove this type of virus? How can I prevent it from spreading again from my networked PC’s? I have anti-virus program installed on all of the client but still, this virus have managed to penetrate.

On my observation, I found out that w32/sality.ag is infecting all shared drives. This is the way that this virus spreads. Also, most of the folders are locked. We cannot save any file into it. Does w32/sality.ag causes all of our network irregularities, or there are other virus aside from sality? Can you recommend the best program that can remove w32/sality.ag on the entire network?


  1. freaker

    This virus can disable antivirus programs so it is hard for a non-techie to remove it.

    If you can have a chance to download and run Avast Bart CD, then you can install your computer after booting from this CD.

  2. Bob Farkas

    Question is simple, I have avast Security, all day long the stupid thing is downloading updates which is driving my poor computer (and me) up a wall. How can I get to stop it without getting rid of the security?????

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