Virus on Url: Bad

My anti-virus software always shows a warning that it is blocking a web address. It is Url: Bad I don’t know what is that address, and I never visit that site. With my AV blocking it, does it mean someone is using my PC to reach that address? On the other hand, maybe I have an adware that keeps on contacting

Whatever this thing is, I want to get rid of it. I want to stop the alert of anti-virus program. I did try to run a complete scan but no Trojans and viruses are found. Blocking the URL is the only problem I am presently dealing with. Anyone here who have faced the same problem, please tell me what to do, please.

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  1. aldrin

    Could be a web hijacking issues. Download Malwarebytes from this link:

    1. Save the file on your desktop.
    2. When download is complete, double-click on the file to install the program.
    3. Please update after installation.
    4. On scanner’s interface, click the complete scan button to do a full scan on your computer.
    5. It will display a list of identified threats. Mark all items and click remove button.
    6. It will prompt to restart Windows. Please restart to finalize the scan.

    If the above procedure didn’t fix the problem, do these:
    1. Reboot computer into Safe Mode. Press F8 on your keyboard after turning the power on.
    2. Select Safe Mode from the menu.
    3. Your Windows will start and run under Safe Mode.
    4. Run another scan of Malwarebytes and proceed with the removal of identified viruses.

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