Uninstall Disk Antivirus Professional malware

Hi, I have the Disk Antivirus Professional virus from my computer and this thing keep on showing me alerts. After searching the Internet, I found that it is hard to remove due to the rootkit that comes with it.

The trouble with Disk Antivirus Professional started when I download what I think was a useful program when I visited a Youtube-like web page. After the download, I notice that the Internet connection becomes slow as well as my PC. It took a while before I can open any programs. Then, all of a sudden, my computer restarts. When Windows opens, I can see the Disk Antivirus Professional scanner doing some tests on my system. I just let it finish and afterwards, gave me a result telling that my computer is flooded with viruses and Trojans.

When I tried to clean the PC, Disk Antivirus Professional prompts to activate the program first. It is asking for credit card info, which I am very hesitant to provide. That’s why I first Google the title and found that is a virus. After that, I tried to scan my computer but my antivirus software is not loading. Perhaps, Disk Antivirus Professional deactivates this security program on mine.

What else should I do if my antivirus software is not working? How can I uninstall Disk Antivirus Professional from my computer? If there are any tools that can instantly remove this malware, please send me the download link.

Thanks and good day to all of you.

Matthew S.


  1. stevenson

    Hi, here are some basic manual removal steps to remove the virus.

    1. Stop Disk Antivirus Professional Processes:
    %CommonAppData%\[Random]\[Random].exe (ex: uk122smlpw5.exe)

    You can find the files in the following locations:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\
    C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Profile]\Application Data
    C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Profile]\Local Settings\Application Data

    When you found those files, delete them. If you cannot delete it, try restarting Windows in Safe Mode and delete if from there.

    2. Remove Registry Entries of Disk Antivirus Professional:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “[Random]”

    After that, run a virus scan using malwarebytes antimalware plus any rootkit removal tools. Yes, Disk Antivirus Professional has a rootkit Trojan that you have to remove also.

  2. GevynAndy

    In most cases, Disk Antivirus Professional will not allow you to run any removal tool. This is what I have done to disable the malware. I run CMD.EXE from Windows start.

    On command prompt, type the following:
    iexplore /FI “WINDOWTITLE eq Disk Antivirus Professional” /IM * /F

    You may rename the title of the window depending on what you are seeing on the screen. After you have terminated the malware using this command, you can start scanning the computer.

  3. Maru

    Have you tried to ask for assistance from your anti-virus product provider?

    Also, you may try “free” scanners that you can install alongside with your anti-virus program. It is much effective if you will scan the computer with anti-malware and rootkit programs.

    Download MS Scanner from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/products/scanner or click this link to download malwarebytes anti-malware. This versions of MBAM can remove rogue programs like Disk Antivirus Professional virus. However, you may not use it as a substitute to your security program. It has no protection module. If you want a complete package, you may upgrade it to PRO version.

    As per the rootkit, Kaspersky has a tool called TDSS Killer. It is a user-friendly scanner that you can download here: http://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/solutions?qid=208280684

    Other online scanners to scan your computer without having to install any programs are the following:
    Eset Online Scanner: http://go.eset.com/us/online-scanner
    Bitdefender Online Scanner : http://www.bitdefender.com/scanner/online/free.html

  4. Kathy

    Did you find out what to do. I have the same problem.

  5. matt_sanders

    Got rid of the Disk Antivirus Professional just now. I never opt for the manual removal since I am not expert in computer systems. I am afraid of deleting vital files. MS Security Scanner found and deleted Trojans. Also, I did run a scan using Kaspersky Rescue Disc.

    At first, I am having problem creating the bootable USB on my Windows 7 operating system. Good thing I have a spare Windows XP machine. I made the USB bootable from there. Then, stick it into the infected computer and run the scan. Kaspersky found virus, which I believed, is part of Disk Antivirus Professional.

    Thanks to this forum.

  6. Jeremy

    To remove this virus follow these removal Instructions:

    Download Anti-spyware tool like Adaware or MBAM.
    Rename the install file to “explorer.exe” or “explorer.com”. Disk Antivirus Professional will not identify the tool and you will be able to launch it. To rename the installer:

    1. Click on Start then Control Panel and select Folder Options
    2. Select “View Tab”
    3. Then uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”.
    4. Press Ok

    Now Just simple click on installer and rename it to explorer.exe
    Launch a scan and remove Disk Antivirus Professional.

  7. lumpyrice

    I got that virus last night and does blocks you from opening anything on your desktop. It keeps popping up every time you try and open any software. Well, here is how I got rid of mine and it worked….

    step 1…restart your computer and then hold Ctrl and F8 as its rebooting…..
    step 2…then select….network settings..(your screen will appear supersized but thats OK…it bypasses the virus and enables you to use your icons on Desktop.
    step 3…go to control panel….security settings…select a previous restore date…and you should be good to go.

    It worked for me and my laptop is back to normal. Hope it works for you. It did not cost me a CENT either. Good luck!

  8. lacroux

    I have downloaded both the microsoft and kaspersky software recommended by Maru, but the wretched Disk Antivirus Professional won’t let me run either of them. I’m no expert, and would welcome any (reasonably non-technical) suggestions as to how I can get past this blockage.

  9. jaycee

    You can only pass that barrier if you will activate Disk Antivirus Professional. You do not have to buy it, instead, you can use this code: AA39754E-715219CE. Click the ‘Registration’ on the scanner interface, and copy that serial I provided. Once it is running in full version, it will allow you to do anything.

    After activation, download and scan the computer with any anti-malware program. Rescue Disc is a little bit complicated to burn into USB, you may try copying it to a black disc and boot from there. Other scanners your might try are Malwarebytes anti-malware, Roguekiller, or Adware Cleaner.

  10. Happy again

    Thank you, LumpyRice, you Rock! I haven’t bothered renewing my antivirus software because it’s dang expensive. Then of course, I don’t want to renew because I don’t want my money to go towards someone who’s in trouble with the law -McAfee. I wish I understood computer problems more, but I don’t. I’m thankful that you all take the time to contribute your responses and solutions. I’d like to learn how to diagnose computer glitches; however I have no idea what I need to learn first, so until then . . . I’ll continue searching the web for help and being gracious.

  11. bobbyzgrk

    Lumpy rice, you helped me too. I was wondering if that would work. I’m doing a full scan now. Is there any scan you would suggest? I’m a little scared to go on the internet. Do you know how someone gets infected?

    Again, thanks.

  12. tml

    just got this phfisher off my pc what web sites did this virus come from i was on a christian web site

  13. Chris

    I was on a Christian news site and got this virus. The explanations above are all too incomplete, ambiguous, or incorrect, except for Lumpy. I wasted time downloading the ms scanner and the virus did not let it work, I tried to make sense of the commands but the language is incorrect and incomplete, etc. Thank goodness I was simply able to do a system restore in safe mode; that worked for me.

  14. claire

    I am unable to connect to the internet most features seem to be disabled, I had the disk antivirus come up and I closed it and ran a scan on my computer it said 3 at risk deleted, but then the firewall kept going off so I re-ran scan and it said 3 files infected but couldn’t delete. I downloaded stinger from Mcafee which detected 5 (zeroaccess) and deleted them, I re ran scan to find still more virus named medfos.ak. eventually after hours I gave up turned off the computer hoping today I would solve it with the anti virus tools but it now wont connect to the internet, I tried system restore but didn’t work, I did it in safemode which worked but still no connection and most of my access is not working. I have no idea about half the stuff above and wondered is there anyone who could give me a dummies guide to what I should do next.. I have mcafee anti-virus (the stinger cannot be found today for some reason) and no net connection if it means anything to any one the details under the virus were 1a19dce8-282d-44bd-b40c-9c4a0be974e0.crx

  15. claire

    I tried the system restore again and noticed I could go back further, which seems to have worked .. if anyone has any advice which you think I my need to prevent further attacks I would appreciate it … thanks to all that took time to help out all of us without the experience you’re fantastic :)

  16. randage

    Jaycee’s trick works.

    I was able to connect to Internet after activating the product using the serial code provided. At first, the virus will not let me run any program neither allow me to access the Internet. After activation, computer is back to normal and I can do anything I want. Downloaded and scan the PC with mbam. It instantly removed the malware.

  17. Kat

    thanks Lumpyrice! I have been struggling with this for hours after this virus got onto my computer when I uninstalled my expired Norton program, and then I finally managed to follow Lumpyrice’s instructions to enable me to install another free antivirus program (AVG) through the safe mode, then when I switched the computer off and on again the virus had miraculously disappeared! Thank you again.

  18. Ionicnaga

    Thanks, Lumpyrice! I used system restore, but not the ctrl button… I undid this “Windows Update,” and now my Windows Vista is working fine!

  19. Donald

    I got this also I use this code: AA39754E-715219CE. Click the ‘Registration’ and then stopper it on start up the deleted it. Now everything works fin thanks you saved me time ,trouble and money.

  20. Matt M

    Thanks everyone for the help. I was on an online bible site when this happened to me. Entering in the registration code is what helped me. Anyone know how this code was found?? It’s a bit suspicious that whoever created this virus would let this code float around.
    Anyhow, to delete the files it is necessary to stop the process via the task manager. I wish I would have copied the name to help others but it was some long AlphaNumeric name like 10KLA0033A7432(It wasn’t this, but this is just to give an example of what it looked like.

  21. Baldilocks

    Thanks to lumpyrice
    I did what you did and got rid of the virus.

  22. LittleMakz

    you rock, dude! thanksalot!

  23. javimart63

    Thanks Lumpyrice

    That´s the best and easy solution

  24. javimart63

    Thanks Lumpyrice

    That´s the best and easy solution

  25. Lou

    Wow, thank you so much Lumpyrice! That was the BEST and the EASIEST solution. Everything is back to normal. Thank you so much for helping us out!

  26. Ali Özoran

    Thk you.

  27. Can pazar

    Thnx lumpy. ? used antimalware on safemode, restarted comp and diskantivirus was gone. i had 16 infected files. ?f U guys Will use malware make sure u done with all updates Before scan.

  28. Jorie

    thanks a lot Jaycee, it works :)

    but do i need to do this?

    “After activation, download and scan the computer with any anti-malware program. Rescue Disc is a little bit complicated to burn into USB, you may try copying it to a black disc and boot from there. Other scanners your might try are Malwarebytes anti-malware, Roguekiller, or Adware Cleaner.”

  29. Jetstream_21

    Thanks guys!
    Took me no time to remove it!
    My way was to activate the prog using the above code mentioned, then downloaded Microsofts Malware killer which located it and removed it!
    My Internet plus other laptop functions wouldn’t work till I activated the dreaded prog!
    Everything back to normal now…phew!

  30. Rawlings

    Thanks Lumpyrice!….I got windows vista on my desktop. It was little bit different to access the restoration system but it did work. Could be someone out there in the same situation.
    Now first, do not send any of your persornal information on anything that pops up on this virus, if you did already call your bank or credit card company immediately.
    Secondly, it is reliable to have another pc gadget somewhere other than the one infected with the Disk Antivirus Professional Virus, or to be smart is to print out any of these instructions from the web because if you plan on reading these instructions on the same infected computer you may not go far, the virus will keep blocking you from accessing internet…..now this is how I got rid of Disk Antivirus Professional Virus (Again Thanks to Lampyrice,….it would be impossible to do this without your help );

    Step 1. Restart your computer on ‘Safe Mode with Networking’.
    You may need to unplug the computer from the power or simply switch off the the switch from power source,
    wait atleast 15 seconds, switch it on. You will be given four option to restart your computer. Choose ‘Safe
    Mode With Networking’. The appearance of screen will change (refer to step no. 2 at Lampyrice posting)

    step 2. Click on ‘Start’ button.From the pop up menu click System Restore.It might take few minutes,a window with
    previsiously successfully restored dates will show up. Select one, I did select 4th day back just to make sure
    because by then the computer did not have a virus. If System Restore does not show up you can search it
    bottom left part of the pop-up menu.

    Step 3. Follow simple wizard steps to start restoration process.

    The computer will restart by its own on regular mode after system has been restored and you will not see that annoying virus again on your desktop. Scan through using you regular antivius software and make some back-up on
    your flash drive or dvd.
    note; if you are using a laptop make sure it is fully charged or plug it to a power source, you do not want restoration process to be interefered. It took 15 to 20 minutes for my computer.

  31. VirusIsAPaininThe

    Simplest way to remove is to run a system restore. Most likely the virus will not allow you to run in so restart your computer and rapidly tap f8 as it is starting up. Get into “Safe mode with networking” and this will allow you to run a system restore.

    If your using windows 7 you can type “system restore” into the search bar of the start menu and click on “system restore”. From there, just restore to a point about a week back (or at least to a time when you are sure you did not have the virus).

    For windows xp i believe you have to go into run and type “msconfig” to run a system restore.

  32. VirusIsAPaininThe

    Simplest way to remove is to run a system restore. Most likely the virus will not allow you to run in so restart your computer and rapidly tap f8 as it is starting up. Get into “Safe mode with networking” and this will allow you to run a system restore.

    If your using windows 7 you can type “system restore” into the search bar of the start menu and click on “system restore”. From there, just restore to a point about a week back (or at least to a time when you are sure you did not have the virus).

    For windows xp i believe you have to go into run and type “msconfig” to run a system restore.

    And to be safe, after removing the virus, run any anti-virus softwares you have to do a scan on your computer to check if it is gone or not.

  33. Siowck

    Jaycee, I follow your advice and I love you for that. Thanks again.

  34. Fred from Phil's

    Dear Jaycee,

    Your the best. You save may 4 years data from this evil.
    Thanks you so very much!

  35. Alex

    I confirm too the removal through a system restore in safe mode (Win XP).
    I did the following:
    -turned off internet connection
    -closed pc in the most brutal way i could -pressing the start button
    -keep pressing F8 when restarting the computer so i can choose safe mode with commands
    -then Start > programFilies > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

  36. maja

    Thank you Lumpy!!! It worked, I know nothing about computers… Thank you!!

  37. Ruth Chen

    I got this virus last night and I had searched online for solutions …… not so convinced …… until I came across this forum and read through. I tried lumpyrice solution and it worked perfect. I’m so happy and thanks a lot lumpyrice! I also want to thank every one who had confirmed of this solution which had given me the confidence to try. I have Win 7 and now it works as if nothing happened.

  38. Erika

    The activation code worked!!! Running malware now! My computer seems to be working now..

  39. Bee

    Jaycee feb 9, 2013
    You are so awesome. Been trying for five hours to fix Disc Antivirus and you are the only one able to help.

  40. Wade

    Just install malwarebtes and rename the .exe, the malware knows common removal tools so stops you from running the application that removes it. I’d also suggest booting into safe mode.. F8 on startup and running the remocal tool there.

  41. Paul

    I downloaded the free version of Malwarebytes from Maru’s link and managed to activate and bring that system up even while drinking several cocktails. It didn’t take long but it killed Disc Professional. It’s really hard to do computer stuff while drinking but this program did most of the thinking for me. I’m not a computer wizz and I need a program that looks simple and without a lot of terminology to confuse me. Thanks Maru!

  42. debbie bettinger

    do not buy Disk Antivirus Professional is a rogue anti-spyware program released by the WinWebSec family. Disk Antivirus Professional uses fake scans in order to lure the PC user that they need to purchase a paid version of the software although, in reality, Disk Antivirus Professional is bogus security program. A closer look into Disk Antivirus Professional will reveal that Disk Antivirus Professional is not the first of its kind in the Internet world, judging by the design of its graphical user interface. The closest clones of Disk Antivirus Professional, which include Live Security Platinum and System Progressive Protection share the same GUI of Disk Antivirus Professional. Other close variants of Disk Antivirus Professional include Microsoft-related rogueware such as Vista Internet Security Pro 2013 and others. Although Disk Antivirus Professional claims to be a real PC security software product from a reliable vendor, Disk Antivirus Professional is actually a malicious program masquerading to be a legitimate security program. PC threat researchers recommend Disk Antivirus Professional immediate deletion using no less than legitimate PC security software.
    And I am trying to get my money back from these people.

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