Trojan Generic.27PN Virus

I am very much destructed by a Trojan called Generic.27PN virus and it is almost everywhere. My antivirus program keeps on detecting new file every minute or so. It seems that AVG is not capable to clean this Generic.27PN virus. It can detect the threat but stops and leave it on the PC.

I am still blank on the root of this virus. I regularly browse the web but make sure that I do not visit unknown web sites. Also, all security configuration are set on my Internet Explorer. For the past days, I receive no alerts or warnings about any risks. That is why I am shock to see AVG flashing Generic.27PN virus on my machine.

After searching the web, I noticed that this is an aged virus. I tried some removal guide but they appear helpless against the recent version of Generic.27PN virus. Any advise and removal instructions for this threat will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
Andrew F.

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  1. reynaldo

    Other AVG users report this as false positive. Try upgrading your AVG to obtain the most recent database. After that, run a scan or let it act upon itself. If an alert about Trojan Generic.27PN remains then there is some malware presence on your computer. It its gone, then false-positive incident just occurred with your AVG.

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