redirect virus

Just today, my computer seems to be hit by a virus. Plenty of ads keep on appearing whenever I am browsing the Internet. Also, clicking on a search result will deliver a new page containing advertisements that some are very explicit. I have a little idea where I got this redirect virus. It must have come from the program I have downloaded earlier. It is a cracker for my mp3 encoder. However, I am not sure of that, because other members of the family also use the PC after my time.

At first, the problem is intermittent. Sometimes it does redirect and sometimes it let me search and use the Internet without a problem. But as time passes, I can see that the damage is getting worse. Now, everything I clicked will redirect me to The bad thing about this virus is it has conquered all the browsers I am using – Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

I need a functioning solution to stop this redirect virus. Please help me.

Zarjo M.