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I keep on getting an alert about Before this thing attack my computer, I remember download a toolbar that I have installed on my browser. Then after a day or two, Avast detects an infected file on my browser. Here are the details of the virus detection.

Infection Details
Process: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox…
Infection: URL:Mal

After reading some discussions, I cannot rule out that it is cause by a toolbar. Other persons who receive the alert assert that no toolbar is installed on their own PC. Could it be a false-positive on Avast? What are other things I have to consider to clear out this issue.


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  1. mightyjow

    It is hard to identify the cause unless you will remove the toolbar first. See it the alert will be gone after removing the toolbar. This could be the culprit on your part. On some people that also receives the same virus warning, without the toolbar, it could be false-positive.

    After removing the toolbar, I suggest you to scan the system with various anti-malware programs. You can also utilize free online virus scanners from different security provider. That could be the only thing to ensure if computer is infected by virus or not.


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