To Remove Teddy Afro.exe

How can I remove Teddy Afro.exe Virus from my computer. This thing is very annoying. I used AVG anti-virus to scan the system but nothing was detected. Please advise on how to remove  Teddy Afro.exe? I need to get rid of this thing as soon as possible.


  1. mimi

    how to threat this virus.

  2. hanny

    “TEDDY AFRO” PC virus infected my to treated this pc?thankyou.

  3. wain

    How to remove this virus

  4. Aster

    I’m PhD student. My thesis is renuied by “Tedy Afro” virus. Please rescue me.

  5. jojoa

    hi Aster, I don’t think you can recover your files! Its impossible coz it overwrites it totally! There isn’t even a way to try to repair it, if you don’t believe me then check out dulla virus, it didn’t overwrite the whole file, even that was impossible to recover let alone teddy afro virus overwriting everything!

  6. abreham

    Use avast anti virus home edition

  7. jojoa

    @abreham, that wont work

  8. se7en

    Hey guys there is now a recovery tool for dulla virus.
    but files infected with teddy afro cannot be recovered.
    so @aster i think you should re-write your thesis,
    I am really sorry.

  9. Wenmdimu

    How can I remove taddy afro virus

  10. Antearset

    Abeba, I am sorry it is not to answer your question, it is to share your problem. I am also suffering from the virus named by our lovely musician. If you get any cure for it I will appreciate if you share it with me. Thank you for your help!

  11. Damtew

    Try to upload Ubuntu Linux operating system and you could find it as a file and you can just delete it. I think Tedy Afro virus affects Windows operating system.

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