how to remove a perfect defender firewall alert

My question is how can I remove Perfect Defender firewall alert. It keeps on showing up on my laptop and it is very annoying. I think I got this Perfect Defender virus when I visited a movie web sites. Someone can help me? Thanks


  1. freaker

    What kind of firewall do you have? Is the alert warning about a connection coming from inside or from outside? If it is from your computer trying to connect to internet then you have to clean your computer because it is infected and you cannot just ignore it.

    If it is from outside trying to connect to your computer then you must set your firewall to always block the traffic then the warning will be gone.

  2. grysmoke

    I have the same malware.It’s a browser hijacker.It’s a windows defender look-a-like warning.The only option is to click on enable protection which takes you to their website.Any attempt to browse else where is futile.The browser closes.I got it downloading the new Firefox 3.04 browser,which was corrupted.I installed the older version of Firefox and was immeditly hijacked.

  3. Jim

    I have system security firewall alert and haven’t found any way to get it off nothing seems to get rid of it Please Help

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