System Doctor 2014 Activation Code

System Doctor 2014 virus invaded my computer. It locks everything from folders, files, and programs. There’s not much I can do now on this computer. Even Internet browser is affected. When I try to browse the web, I get “page not found” error. My antivirus program also stops working and it cannot identify that System Doctor 2014 virus is presently disturbing my computer. Status is currently inactive. Trying to enable the antivirus software shows pop-up “file not found” error message.

I guess, I need registration key for System Doctor 2014 to be able to unlock the computer. A friend has warned me not to purchase it because he said that the web site will steal my credit card details. Only option left for me as of now is to seek for the activation code for this rogue program.

Anyone who can read this message that can give me working code for System Doctor 2014 will be my savior. Else, if you know how to get rid of this virus without buying the full version, kindly share your thoughts on this forum.