SWP2009 Demo running on my computer

I am having constant adware pop ups on my computer and when I accessed Windows Task Manager it displays this SWP2009 Demo. What is this and how can I remove it? I tried scanning with different antivirus program but still cannot clean the infection on my laptop. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


  1. Sly_Old_Mole

    Try running free Superantispyware in safe mode.

  2. james

    I am having the exact same trouble PLEASE HELP!

  3. Furby

    Need to get a copy of SUPERAntiSpyware, Free Edition, from their site or from CNET. It works. You should be able to run or load it in Safe Mode. For Safe Mode

    Reboot your computer in “Safe Mode” using the F8 method. To do this, restart your computer and after hearing your computer beep once during startup (but before the Windows icon appears) press the F8 key repeatedly. A menu will appear with several options. Use the arrow keys to navigate and select the option to run Windows in “Safe Mode”

  4. alec o`rawe

    stop pop ups immediately do not want product advertised

  5. johnytango

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