Suprasavings and virus removal

The virus on my PC has gone from mild to wild. At first, browser occasionally redirects to The site offers browser and flash update. Without knowing that it is malicious, I have installed recommended program once. Since then, browser is always hijacked by In addition, home page is taken over by an unknown search engine which I cannot remove.

Also appearing on the browser is Suprasavings ads, coupons, ad deals. I notice that it will show up each time I am on commercial web sites. Normal browsing is not affected by Suprasavings, especially visiting social networking sites.

My big question is the total removal of Suprasavings and There are several tools I have used to scan the PC trying to remove these viruses but so far, there is still no success. Right now, I am running a scan of Kaspersky, and will post the result later.

In the meantime, if someone knows how to get rid of and Suprasavings, please share your thoughts.


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  1. Ignite

    I dont know about, but I was able to remove Suprasavings virus by using ADWcleaner. This free tool found and deleted dozens of adware files and registry entries. Give it a try.

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