Stop “Tweak Repair, Enhance and Protect from Xportsoft” Pop-up

I can’t find a good advise in removing the pop-up called “Tweak Repair, Enhance and Protect from Xportsoft Technologies”. My antivirus marked the site as risky and harmful so I was not able to browse the site. But, the pop-up constantly appears whenever I am browsing the web. I have read some procedures from the other site but their recommendation wants me to buy their program, which to me is a bit fishy. Why would I pay for the program that has no guarantee in removing Tweak Repair, Enhance and Protect from Xportsoft Pop-up?

I’m a bit knowledgeable to computer and software stuff so don’t be hesitate to give me even difficult procedures. However, like anyone else, I still prefer quick but efficient ways to stop the pop-up.



  1. lorin

    “Tweak Repair, Enhance and Protect” is usually part of unpopular program called PC Optimizer Pro. To remove the pop-up, you must uninstall PC Optimizer Pro from the computer. Please follow these steps:

    1. Go to Control Panel.
    2. Look for ‘Programs’ and click on ‘Uninstall a program’.
    3. It opens a new window showing the list of installed software. Look for PC Optimizer Pro. Highlight the item and click ‘Uninstall’ on top portion, just beside the Organize button.
    4. This will remove the program including the unwanted pop-up.

    Hope the above procedure can help you.


  2. Deb

    This is the only helpful post I have found regarding this “issue”. Thank you!

  3. norman elkin

    please take your name and icon off of my computer

  4. norman elkin

    i do not need tweak repair enhancement

  5. Renet

    Thank you for the clear/understandable information, Lorin.

  6. Shradha

    This is a very reliable software. it only helps in cleaning your system registries and has nothing to do with virus. it keeps your system safe and thus improves its speed. it is also certified by microsoft,intel and IBM

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