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Hi, I am suffering from a browser redirect virus. Most of the time, my Internet browser is pointed to various web sites that shows advertisements. Apart from that I also get a link that when clicked will display a “Recommended for You” pop-up ads. The ads are small and appears at the bottom right corner of my screen. It is very annoying. All I can do is minimize the pop-up ads and that’s the time that it will be shown as “Recommended for You” small box.

Some of the ads show these messages:
“How to fix stack overflow. Fix stack overflow in minutes. Even beginners can do this.”
“Searching for page enhancement suite. Discover and compare hundreds of page enhancement suite point link save.”

There are also instances that the pop-up ads are inside an iPhone box at the lower right portion of my screen. Please tell me how to remove this ad. Thanks


  1. Augusitn A. Chenaultf

    I’m having the exact same problem. Bump for solution.

  2. Toronto

    have the same problem. It started just about last week in May 2012. Looking for a solution.

  3. murdock

    This pop-up advertisement is an adware. You may have installed it while loading some other programs. Anyway, here is a procedure to stop the advertisements on bottom right hand corner of the screen or also known as “recommended for you” pop-up.

    1. Download Malwarebytes anti-malware and save it to your hard drive.

    2. Install the program and update the database. This is necessary because older versions of the tool, may not be able to detect the adware.
    3. When you are sure that you are using the most recent version, do a full scan on the infected computer.
    4. Delete/Remove all detected threats.
    5. Download Norton power eraser. Just search the web and it will bring you to official web site.
    6. Scan your PC with NPE. Include rootkit scanning.
    7. Restart the computer when done.

  4. JeffP

    MS Security Essentials was running & didn’t ID this as a threat, ran HouseCall, tried rootkit revealer, and still the issue persists.

    I have prompt for all ActiveX and 3rd party cookies which seems to be helping, but if I enable & allow the problem recurs, so whatever causes this it’s still there.

    I frist saw this when I went to a website that used this pop up (roll up from the bottom right corner in the browser) as an offer to chat w/a sales/tech rep, but now it comes up with suggestions of recommened for You whenever I visit a site that has google analytics.

    Did anyone try murdocks solution (including murdoc) to know if that works or not?

  5. JeffP

    Just ran NPE beta and it found, hosts (okay default MS file), Acrobat 5x full version, and pulse-explorer.exe a dev tool I’ve used. Thats it nothing else, I did the reboot scan to include rootkits, I could see it running through my Sql database streams, which were set to manual and off after reboot.

    So esstentially it found nothing…

    I then went to a safe site and still the popup comes up, here with a prompt for flash player, which is often the case and prompts to update – I’ll get my flash player from the Adobe’s download if & when I choose to update.

    This is so annoying….

  6. Fernando

    I’ve removed the virus with the following steps:

    1) download RogueKiller and execute it
    2) Press the Delete button to delete the bad entries on the Registry tab
    3) Press the Hostfix button to delete the bad entries on the host file
    4) restart the computer

    That’s all!!!

  7. Mitch

    Roguekiller works like a charm, fixed that hassle in about 5 minutes.

  8. Carol

    How do I know which roguekiller is legit? I saw the same logo as the recommended for you on one of the roguekiller download sites and became skeptical. Can you give me the site you download from please?

  9. Taylor

    Here is the official website for RogueKiller: htxp://
    I also had this issue, and it appears to have been completely fixed in five minutes. Thanks for the tip!

  10. Ted

    BTW, RogueKiller or MalwareBytes didn’t correct the problem for me as the permissions for the hosts file had been chanted to “Authenticated Users” only and the Read Only attribute was selected. This perevented antimalware programs from fixing the hosts file.

  11. Ted

    I recently experienced the same problem. Started with Recommended For You popups scrolling up from the bottom right corner of the browser window, followed a few weeks later by similar scroll ups from the left corner. And it didn’t matter which browser, Firefox or IE. The same results

    The problem was the hosts file (path = C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) had been hijacked. Viewing the hosts file initially indicated it appeared OK, but on closer inspection I noticed the file was several pages long. Scrolling to the bottom through several lines of blank code revealed the offending entries.

    In addition, hosts file ownership and permissions had been hijacked and the only group with permissions to the file was “Authenticated Users” which means I was unable to delete or alter the file in any way including permissions, nor could I change the Read Only status.

    The first step is to right click, select properties, open to the file security tab and update ownership and permissions to the “Administrators” group and your user’s group allowing “Full Control”

    Second, remove the file “Read Only” attribute

    Third, open Notepad as administrator (right Click and “Run As Administrator”) and modify the hosts file to remove the offending entries at the bottom of the file. Save the file. The problem should now be solved with those annoying popups’ gone forever.

    if you need additional details, please post.

  12. Ted

    One other thing, you’ll have to remove the group “Authenticated Users” when you update the permissions to include “SYSTEM”, “Administrators” and “Users” groups.

  13. el5364

    Been trying to get rid of this for two weeks now. Tried downloading everything I could find and nothing worked. Downloaded and ran the Norton power eraser. Seems to be working so far. Thank you Murdock!

  14. erj

    I downloaded and ran NPE as suggested by Murdock. .NPE found and was able to fix the problem.
    Murdock,you are the man!!!

  15. kevin rea

    hey guys,
    none of the above stuff works.
    what does work is downloading and using “ComboFix”.
    just google it and then run it, follow the instructions.
    it removed this completely from my computer.
    kevin rea
    lancaster, calif.

  16. deenie

    Thank you so much for relieving me from major annoyance. I ran the NPE, it found it and removed it…whoopwhoop!

  17. Tomas


    Thank you so much for your advice. Those pop-ups were not only annoying but outright dangerous because we have school age kids at home and some of the ads were explicit background. Anyway, your method worked pretty well, although I did have to change the “user permissions” to “control all” because I didn’t have admin privilege.

  18. AK

    I have had this problem since a couple of years now. And every time i searched on internet about a solution, I would go to those Malwarebytes blogs or Norton blogs which had some experts guiding users to run different tools and get them the logs to analyze.. which would never have a proper solution. This problem was gradually increasing and very lately I had started getting these malicious ads popping up in the recommended for you and Chitika adds. Today I was extremely annoyed with this and wanted a fix for this without fail. I was even about to restore my PC by reinstalling the OS at a cost of loosing all my data. But before doing so I thought to just give a shot by searching internet for any solution. Though I was not at all hopeful of getting any fix, then somehow I opened this forum and found some people posting about rouge killer. By its name, this app sounds malicious software. Even I opened the link posted in this forum, I was skeptical about downloading it from that link. Then, I apparently downloaded it from Softonic. I installed it on my pc and ran a scan. And the scan ended in just a couple of minutes and found some malicious content and also the unwanted entries in my host file. I then deleted those malicious stuff and now.. guess what.. the freaking pop ads are no more. I am so happy. I love you who ever posted about rouge killer… you are the best folk in this world. You made my day. Rouge killer works wonders. Thanks a million mate.

  19. Will

    I had this annoying problem for far too long. It invaded any program that resembled the internet, even Steam and the Blizzard Launcher Tried everything! Nothing worked until NORTON POWER ERASER! Will definitely remember it. Thank you so much for helping me cure this plague!

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