Solving “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected”

Microsoft Security Essentials installed on my computer keeps showing “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected”, in orange background. It is presently active and I just tried to update it but it seems to have the most recent files and database.

“PC Status: Potentially Unprotected” keeps on appearing when I open MSE. There were times that it pop-up on itself. I have no idea if this is cause by a virus. Prior to this issue, my computer was infected with a virus or Trojan that almost made the computer useless. The only thing I did is scan it with my antivirus program after running System Restore. There is no problem encountered or whatsoever while cleaning the PC. “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected” is the only thing abnormal that happens since then.

Please help me stop this “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected” alert coming from Microsoft Security Essentials. It is so annoying and distracts me from doing my work. I just don’t know if it is possible to reinstall MSE on my Windows. If you have something to say on solving this issue, please let me know.


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  1. Dominic

    According to MSSE forum, “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected” alert can be a cause of incorrect time and date on Windows system. It is also stated that some security tools such as CCleaner you have run previously may have deleted part of the Microsoft Security Essentials file. Thus, the program wasn’t able to determine the last time scan was made and cannot track the history of MSE activities.

    Administrative files of MSE may also be removed when scanning the computer with Advanced System Care program. This disables the program which causes the appearance of “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected”.

    One way to resolve this problem is to reinstall MSE. To do this, follow this procedure:
    1. Turn off Real Time Protection of MSE or deactivate the program from the taskbar.
    2. Go to Control Panel. Use add/remove program feature to uninstall MSE.
    3. Reboot the computer to complete the uninstall process.
    4. Download and install new copy of Microsoft Security Essentials from this link.

    Hope this helps in resolving your issue.

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