Slow Opening of files..

Hi I need some help.. I have a desktop computer.. 1 GB of Ram, Quad Core, I still have a lot of free disk space.
My only problem is why when i try to open a file, (ie. Notepad, Word Files, Exe Files, IE) it always took long to open, for about a minute.. but one time i try to open it using run.exe, then boom it opened right away. I dont know if it’s a virus or whatever. but I really need help to fix it. What im doing right now when opening files is just to put the path in run.exe and open it.


  1. jabawiz


    I have been in that situation before. But it was long time ago so I forgot what really happened. As far as I can remember, I was infected with a virus that also infects or doing something with the .lnk link files. The tendency is before it opened the actual application, it will run the Trojan first. That causes the program to launch a little bit slower.

    What you can do now is scan your computer while in Safe Mode. Also, I used this tool Sysclean by TrendMicro. Its free and very effective.

  2. Sabrina sai

    I too similarly had the problem . After that my friend said me to use a good antivirus and he suggested me to try comodo and i tried and from that time my pc is safe. i was very happy using comodo because its so users friendly

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