SGAE virus locks the computer

Hi, I am Matt and currently in Madrid, Spain for a business trip. In the middle of my work last night, while browsing the Internet, a virus called ‘SGAE El ordenador se ha bloqueado’ appears on my desktop. It has locked the computer and I cannot access anything from Internet to programs. My mouse and keyboard are still working.

I did some research about this Spanish-written Windows locker and translated the contents to English. It made clear that SGAE virus wants me to pay for 100 Euro to regain my access. It requires paysafecard as payment method. I just learned that paysafecard is widely available here from small stores to convenience stores. That makes me wonder that SGAE virus is attacking nationals of this region or nearby territories.

I have no problems paying the 100 Euro. My only concern is, will I be able to remove all viruses inside the computer once I give in to this ransom program? I believed, and read on some articles that SAGE locks and penetrates the computer using a Trojan.

Is there a way to remove the SAGE virus completely using typical virus scanning? Please help me, I need to clean this computer for my work.


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  1. bruce

    The solution to your problem is Kaspersky’s Windows Unlocker program. It was developed to fight ransom software including SGAE that locks the desktop. Just proceed to the web site and you can find all information to use the tool and instructions to remove the virus.

    This SGAE removal tool requires you to boot the computer from external device such as USB or Disc. Running Windows Unlocker is simple, although creating the scan disk maybe a bit complex. Let me know if this works.


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