This morning, I use my laptop to check my Facebook account. After doing so, I close the browser and I was surprised to see that new window opens and it is showing advertisements from I can close the window but after a while it will open again on the same page.

I haven’t download or installed anything on my computer. Yesterday, while viewing some online movies, I receive a pop-up and immediately close it. I am not sure if closing that pop-up cause some program to load on my computer. Maybe, it installs a code causing to show up on my browser.

Please tell me how I can stop seeing This is very frustrating, I cannot close it permanently. I wish to remove this virus or adware as soon as possible. What programs should I use?


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  1. shean_f

    I’m pretty sure that there are add-ons or extensions placed on your web browser. It sends a command to your browser to open when you exit the program. You can check your add-on settings for unknown entries. Usually, if you are just normal web surfer, add-ons are blank and no entries will be found. Thus, you can easily decide which one is to be deleted. To check browser add-ons, you may follow these steps:

    Internet Explorer – On top menu, go to Tools > Manage Add-ons. Then, select the unknown entry and click ‘Disable’.

    Mozilla Firefox – Browse the top menu and click on Tools > Add-ons. Find the adware entry and click the ‘Remove’ button.

    Google Chrome – Click on the Customize menu located on upper right corner of the browser. Go to Tools > Extension. Select the risky entry and click the Trash icon to delete it.

    That should help you remove the plug-in that causes to open in a window.

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