Security Shield and Trojan Rootkit Removal Tool

My computer has this Security Shield virus. I scan the system with Norton antivirus and it founds Zeraccess rootkit trojan plus other risks. It quarantined all files; however, it says that it cannot remove the Trojan until I restart the PC. After restarting, I ran another scan and it still detects the Trojan. Also, Security Shield remains and it to me it was more aggressive than it was before I did a reboot.

I did another scan using a different antivirus program but found nothing. It was just a trial version. One thing I am worried about is the presence of Security Shield. It is getting more disturbing and damaging. Now, I cannot see all my links and folders. The virus also blocks my Internet access and I cannot download removal tools anymore. I decided to use my laptop to download programs that can remove the rootkit and Security Shield. Please advise a good one that can eliminate these two threats.

B. Nicolai


  1. santander

    To tell you frankly, it is hard to deal with rootkit Trojan. If is it coupled with a malware, I guess it is very harmful.

    Anyway, the best anti-malware tool as of today is Malwarebytes. Search the web and download this program.
    Regarding rootkits, Kaspersky TDSSKiller is very famous on this issue. You can obtain this free tool from the official web site.

    Both utility are effective, if you will ask me.

  2. tallman

    Man, I got rid of Securty Shield using malwarebytes. Did a scan while Windows is running in safe mode. At first scan, it found around eight viruses. I restart the computer and run another scan again and it found a couple more threats. That was easy.

    The hard part is getting rid of the Trojan. I scan my PC with TDSSKiller and found the rootkit. I have to make a bootable USB in order to get things done. After that, just to make sure the my computer is clean, I run another scan with NPE. Tough work but worth it. Thanks guys.

  3. fernando

    Thanks people. Your tips works great. I was able to remove the virus using the suggested tool. Next time, I will be more careful when browsing the web. I believe, security shield got into my pc when I visited and download games from not so popular page.

  4. Gintoki

    Nice guide and tool, thanks for posting! I had Security shield a couple of days ago, it was a terrible getting rid of it. I used SecurityShield removal in the end, successfully removing it manually but I understand not every people can do that… I tested the tool provided here on one of my company worker’s computer which also got infected, and it successfully removed the malware no problem.

  5. Luis

    yes antivirus makert is hot these days. companys provide free things. to peoples for trail purpose. i used many antiviruses. and found kasperky is reliable.also used bitdefender, avast, avg, avira, Bullguard, Vipre, pctools, spyware doctor , treat fire etc

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