scammed out of $79.95 by Vista total Security

My computer literally was “locked up” BUT Vista total Security was there to the rescue. Their warnings seemed legitimate, and I couldn’t get in or out to do anything….even check them out. Once I ordered one of their plans , my computer was back to normal, sort of. It is slow and does crazy things all the time. I thought maybe I did need more that Microsoft Safety essentials since it is a free service. How do I get this removed and is there any way to get them in trouble and get my $80 back?

I have an order #, license code # but it is all trash I am sure! no way to contact them. I am sure my computer has not been scanned by them.

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  1. allanescobar

    Immediately contact your credit card company to dispute the charges. As to the virus, you can remove it by following the procedures here:

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